Vendor Advocates

Hiring a vendor’s advocate is the best way to ensure you find the best possible price for your property. The experts on my team do their utmost to valuate your property and plan all the necessary pre-sale details to a T. This changes the way folks sell their property. What was once a stressful and time-consuming process is now incredibly easy with the right vendors to advocate.

How do Vendor Advocates Help?

They are the best way to make your property sell quickly and efficiently. In essence, vendor advocates take over the entire stressful process of lining things up pre-sale and finding a good agent and any other aspect or issue that needs to be handled until the very last minute when the deposit clears.

How We Assist You?

Our vendors begin by taking your property and doing market-wide research to find the true value of the property. Then they delve into finding the right real estate agent to supervise the deal and ensure the final sale meets your property’s value.

Their job isn’t done just yet, though. The vendor advocate will improve your property’s visibility in the market and arrange auctions for you to meet up with potential auctioneers.

Our advocates support you throughout the process until the very end to ensure a stress-free property transition.


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