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Plenty of times, people will try to figure out a plan of action on their own. They will read a few articles and make a list of what they need to look for and go out to find the dream spot to invest in. believe me when I say there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’ve made my whole career on self-educating. The only problem is Australia has a vast property market. Some would go as far as to say there’s not a singular one but hundreds so there’s a big chance all your time and effort may end in vain.

What you need is a professional advisor to take all of your ideas and dreams, no matter how outlandish, and tell you what’s achievable; Hi, I’m Sanders and I can help you figure all of that out.

Who Do We Help?

In my opinion, people tend not to choose the best possible option for their goals because they never even knew such an opportunity existed. All I do is present the best course of action given your resources and time.

For instance, investors may not consider an overly dilapidated, ancient building worth looking into because of all the work it will require. Most times, remodeling can’t save it. The whole building has to be shot down before they set up a new one.

The task is long and expensive. However, this is the closest you may ever get to instant equity. By the time the work is done, you’ll have a site in your portfolio worth well over what you paid for the property and the reconstruction combined.

Plus, there’s another aspect to my consults. The property market in Sydney is alive and ever-changing. A site that seems to be at the bottom of the market today could see a price surge and be at the top of the market tomorrow. So, I am going to make sure yours is an excellent long-term investment with the increasing future value given the market conditions.

My Methods

We begin the same old way; with a conversation. I want to know what you’re thinking, your ideas, and what is limiting you. Based on you how achievable a goal you’ve set, I can help you work out the finer details to make it into a reality.

Maybe your issue is not finding the right place? I can look into a different neighborhood. Perhaps you want diversity in your portfolio; I can advise different viable building types for you to consider.

Whether it’s mortgage loans, down payments, joint ventures, or any other property acquisition and development issue, I’ll personally make sure your all set.


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