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Joint venture Deal- Multiple Exit strategy deal

About The Client

    • A well-established cardiologist who has equity to invest in property. He is after risk minimization and making sure he is able to leverage the expertise of a property professional to grow his wealth while he continues doing interventional medicine.
    • Strategy: Development of 5 townhouses after demolishing the house and sell all.
      Option to keep the existing house and build 3 townhouses.
      Option to on-sell the site once DA is approved to the potential DA uplift.
    • Location: NSW- The South coast.
    • Land size: 1100m2- Rent the existing house while seeking development approvals.

Let’s talk numbers-

    • Purchase Price: $620K
    • Weekly rental rent while awaiting approvals: $475
    • DA in council to build 5 townhouses: Best and maximum use of the site

Purchase Price: $620K

Weekly rental rent while awaiting approvals: $475

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