Client SMSF Deal

About The Client

    • Single mum wanting to invest in super. She had no knowledge but had heard about the idea and was referred by a friend who had used our services to invest in super too.
    • Strategy: Capital growth and positive cash flow in population growth and multiple jobs area.
    • The area also experiencing a property boom due to affordable house prices and access to major amenities by both rail and road transport networks.
    • Location: NSW
    • Type of asset: 4-bedroom house.

Let’s talk numbers-

    • Asking price: $435K
    • Negotiated price: $420K
    • Client saved: $15K
    • LVR: 70%
    • Rental per week: $520
    • Vacancy rate: 0.75%
    • Current value: Not applicable- New purchase.
    • Projected yearly growth: 7.5%

Asking price: $435K

Negotiated price: $420K

Client saved: $15K


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