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Sanders Muleya

The Founder of the MSISA Property and Consulting Agents

The founder of the MISISA group, Sanders Muleya, is a full-time property investor. After seeing much success in investing in property and developing property, Sanders decided to shift his focus toward property development strategies, mentorship, buyer’s agent, and property market analysis.

He arrived with a dream and determined to see that dream through. He followed his passion and took to researching and understanding the Australian property market to figure out the best ways to invest in positive return property.

He’s slowly risen to the top as one of the best property consultants and investors around, something he owes to the time and effort spent on educating himself.


Sanders, a family man, married his wife Sikhumbuzo long before moving to Australia. Today the two have 3 beautiful children together.

“Something that made me passionate was when I realized that many investors are not represented when it comes to investing in property. They constantly make mistakes and I want to be there to help them bridge that gap.”



Moved To Australia

I first came to Australia in 2004 as a registered nurse with about 50$ dollars in my pocket, hoping to make a better living for my family. Without my wife and kids around me, I felt lost in this new and foreign environment. But I was determined to work hard. I worked two jobs over the next few years to put together enough to buy a family home.



Bought My First Property

I finally bought my first ever property, a house for my family in 2006. I was always drawn to property investment. It was my calling, my passion. This was the first property I bought; I thought it definitely would not be my last property investment.



Hard Times

Things seemed to be looking up, so I bought another property, then another. Unfortunately, my lack of experience and knowledge of Australian real estate eventually caught up with me. One of the first properties I bought was for $100,000 above the market price. This loss came as a brutal realization that I had a long way to go. But I did not stop there.



Studied About Real Estate

I took to the books to educate myself, figuring that any successful businessman needs to be fully aware of his craft. The time and effort were well worth it. Between 2010-2019 I ended up buying 15 properties.



Learned From My Mistakes

I persevered through the hard times, learned from my mistakes, and realized there was an imbalance in the market. Property sellers had real estate managers and consultants to guide them on the best way to sell the property for the most profit.

But most buyers were left to figure out where to go and what to buy by themselves with no guidance at all. People like me would then end up making huge mistakes that would end in massive losses.


2015 - Present

MSISA Property and Consultancy Agents

There was a huge gap in the market for professionals who would advise buyers. Something had to be done about it, so I made it my goal to bridge this gap.

That is how I found MSISA Property and Consultancy Agents, an agency dedicated to helping buyers invest in positive cash flow and instant equity properties.

There is nothing you can’t achieve so long as it is something that you are passionate about. For me, watching people become financially free by investing in the right place makes me happiest.

Numbers Don’t Lie

I have worked with many clients all over the nation that trust my judgment and advice in finding the right place to invest with a working strategy supporting them and no fear or worry for the future.



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