Sanders Muleya

The Founder of the MSISA Property and Consulting Agents

The founder of the MISISA group, Sanders Muleya, is a full-time property investor. After seeing much success in investing in property and developing property, Sanders decided to shift his focus toward property development strategies, mentorship, buyer’s agent, and property market analysis.

He arrived with a dream and determined to see that dream through. He followed his passion and took to researching and understanding the Australian property market to figure out the best ways to invest in positive return property.

He’s slowly risen to the top as one of the best property consultants and investors around, something he owes to the time and effort spent on educating himself.


Sanders, a family man, married his wife Sikhumbuzo long before moving to Australia. Today the two have 3 beautiful children together.



Positive cash flow properties

Instant equity properties

Development site acquisition and project management

Property joint venture deals

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“Something that made me passionate was when I realized that many investors are not represented when it comes to investing in property. They constantly make mistakes and I want to be there to help them bridge that gap.”


From a Registered Nurse to a Multimillion property investor. Life in Australia as a migrant.



Arrived in Australia from Zimbabwe

Landed in the country with $50 for a new beginning without family and friends. Worked 2 jobs as a Registered Nurse to raise enough money to be able to bring my family to Australia.



My family joined me

My wife also working 2 jobs to be able to raise our 3 children.


Opportunities favour Action Takers

2006 – Bought our first home to raise our children.
2007- Bought our first investment property without proper education, or knowledge. Made very costly mistakes.
2008- Lost my Nursing job due to -The Global financial crisis (GFC).
2009- 2010- Left my family in Sydney to work as a nurse in Tasmania.
2010 – 2013- Invested heavily on self-education


Embarked on professional property investment education

2013- Sold the first bad investment, and embarked on a property investment journey


Education is Power

2013 – 2020- Managed to secure 15 positively geared properties in different states of Australia.


Financial Freedom

2019- I quit my nursing job of 30 years to become a full-time property investor. Decided to become a Buyer’s agent to help others build wealth through property.


Passion for property

Have overcome all obstacles due to well-articulated goals and property investment strategies. Family support has been a backbone of my success. I am driven by numbers, and I am on a mission to help others. So far I have helped more than 150 investors using the positive cash-flow strategies that I use. This is how I can give back to the community.


Sanders’s Property Portfolio

2006- Bought our permanent place of residence in Australia

2007- Bought our first investment in Australia

2013- Bought an off-the plan townhouse- Australia

2013- Bought an off-the plan unit – Australia

2013- Bought land and built a 4-bedroom investment property- Australia

2014- Bought a house- Renovated it – Australia

2014- Bought a house- Renovated and built 3 villas at the back- Australia

2015- Bought a Townhouse- Renovated it – Australia

2015- Bought a house- Demolished it and built 2 houses- Australia

2016- Bought a house and added a Granny flat- Australia

2017- Bought a house- Got a Development Approval for 6 townhouses and sold- Australia

2018- Bought land and built a Duplex- Australia

2019- Bought land and built a Duplex- Australia

2020- Bought land and built a Duplex- Australia

2020- Bought a house- Has a potential to build 4 Townhouses in the future- Australia

2021- Bought a Duplex- Australia

2021- Bought land and build 3 townhouses- Australia

2022- Bought a Duplex- Australia

2022- Bought a House and a Unit- Renovated both- Australia

2023- Bought a house- Has a potential to build 4 townhouses in the future- Australia

2023- Bought land- To build our dream home- Australia

2024- Bought land to build a duplex

Sanders’ Success

2019- Left my Nursing job

2019- Started- Msisa property and consulting agents

2019- 2nd Finalist – 2019 I Love Real Estate Super conference awards

2020- Published my first book- The 10x property system- to educate prospective investors on different property investment strategies and be financially free

2022- Entrepreneur of the year- Zimbabwe Association of Australia

2023- Winner in the Blacktown local business awards

2023- Total property portfolio- 18 Properties

2024- Total property portfolio- 20 Properties

I have bought, developed, renovated, and sold properties worth millions of dollars. I have really achieved my dream of becoming one of the 0.9% Australian investors who own more than 6 properties in Australia- according to the ATO. I am on a mission to help other investors achieve the same.


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